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What We do to help communities?


ICT Support and Consultation, Digital Transformation, IT Process improvements.


Active support during events, happenings, manifestation, and other physical work on place.


Website Design, Brand and Marketing Design, Banners, Logos, Posters, Brochures, Infographics.


Website and Virtual Private Server Hosting, Domain reselling.

Rainbow Tarnow

Rainbow Tarnow was initiated to create a safe space for LGBTQAIP + people from Tarnów and the surrounding area. The association was inspired by the traumatic events for the Polish queer community that took place during the First Equality March in Białystok (2019). The scale of verbal and physical aggression of the opponents of this event revealed the need to create a space in which non-heteronormative, transgender and intersex people would feel accepted and understood.

Signs Of

The first Polish federation, which brings together organizations that work for the LGBTQ+ community. The Federation was established by eight foundations and associations that operate in Małopolska (the Lesser Poland region), Silesia and throughout Poland. The member organizations run various initiatives, from sport and health-related ones, through legal representation and assistance, to cultural and artistic events.

Support not on paper

Our work for minority communities have physical impact. We do work which help other people live better.

That’s not only words. That’s over 3000 people using or seeing our work daily visiting websites, looking for graphics, using our tools or solution and asking us for help.


Hours of voluntary work


Actively supported NGOs


Purposes of donation for charities


People who We are help

Tolerancyjna Małopolska

With cooperation with Signs of Equality Federation We design and support website petition which are focused about “LGBT Free Zones” on Małopolska Voivoldeship. During campaigh We collect and process more than 2000 signs of petition and provided them to Federation.

Let’s join our network and get support! mostly cooperated with Tech NGO Foundation which re focus to provide digital transformation support for Non-Goverment Organization in Poland. Let’s get more information how can we help your NGO on Foundation website!

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